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3 easy steps to find the perfect home for sale in Croatia

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There is no property buying experience quite like the property buying in Croatia. It is possible to go from viewing and pre-contract in one hour and final sale the following day, to a couple of years-long buying processes. However, there are quality complete guides on the topic of buying a property in Croatia, which ease the procedure of finding and investing in the property of your dreams, from the legal requirements to the pitfalls to avoid. Before that, there are a few important steps to follow to make a successful purchase.

Choose the right timing

Buying a property in Croatia is not only a great decision for those looking to invest in a viable real estate market, but also for people in a need of a perfect second home. Croatia has seen an increase in homeownership over the past decade, despite a global decline trend. It is a beautiful country to live in or come to retire or just to enjoy holidays. Tourism attracts buyers which is a big magnet for foreign investors so that is where the biggest investments come from. The best time to look for property in Croatia, especially the coastal area of the Adriatic sea, is before the peak season (March and April), or in Autumn (September, October, and November). If you are a prospective purchaser, don’t rush and inspect all suitable properties before making the final decision.

Be informed if you are eligible

According to the Tax Administration, most real estate in the Republic of Croatia in the past three years, out of a total of 13,883 real estates were acquired by Slovenian citizens – as much as 40.86% of the total acquisition by foreigners, followed by Germans with 12.66% and Italians with 11.34% of total sales. So, foreigners can buy real estate in Croatia, either they are EU citizens or not, but they need the consent of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Consent can be obtained by citizens of those countries with which the Republic of Croatia has signed a reciprocity agreement, and in exceptional cases by others. However, this whole process can be simplified by hiring a real estate agent to select the desired property and authorizing it to do the bureaucracy for you.

Find a trustworthy real estate agency

The purchase and lease of real estate are most often carried out through companies specializing in the provision of services in the field of commercial real estate and investment management. If you are eligible to buy a property in Croatia, check either with a licensed real estate company or an authorized agent’s representative to get a feel of what is available and at what price. There are experienced marketers out there with many successful years in the real estate market in Croatia who speak your language, unlike many property owners in Croatia. With Croatia gaining popularity as a touristic destination in the last couple of decades, it’s no surprise that interest in property in Croatia has gone through the roof in the same period.

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