Makarska Touristik

Makarska Riviera

On the pearl of the Adriatic, Makarska Riviera, besides the town of Makarska you can find many places to rest. In the other small towns and villages that are located just a few kilometers from Makarska.


Tucepi is known for the longest beach on the Makarska Riviera (more than 3 km). Along which there is a beautiful walk in a pine alley. Tučepi each year receives prestigious awards for high quality of its hospitality and tourism services, and for decorating the place. Because of the beautiful views, local culinary specialties and quality wines tourists often visit villages in Old Tučepi.


Podgora is one of the most picturesque places of Makarska Riviera.
In Podgora you will see harbor for fishing boats and promenade along the waterfront with a beautiful stone. On the hill above the harbor is a monument seagull wings’. Erected in 1962 to commemorate the founding of the victorious anti-fascist Dalmatian navy in World War II. Podgora has always been known as fishing center. The port is still full of fishing boats and other fishing vessels that give special colour. Tourism Podgora harmoniously fit new facilities and hotels in the existing settlement of old fishing houses. Courtyards homes and apartments are full of Mediterranean plants and fruits: oranges, lemons and mandarins.


Promajna is located 4 km south from Baška Voda. Formed from a small fishing village grows into a tourist resort with modern houses, villas and apartments. Promajna is the perfect place for a quiet holiday. Especially suitable for families with small children because of the beautiful beaches around which the town developed. In Promajna there is a beautiful white sandy beach as well as several restaurants, pizzerias, bistros and cafes, shops and post office. In short everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

Baška Voda

The tourist season in Baška Voda hosts the largest number of tourists from all the tourist places of Makarska Riviera. Baška Voda has a wealth of facilities for recreation on land and sea, beautiful rocky and sandy beaches, various sports courts, diving schools, places for boaters in the enlarged port, etc.. In the evening and night hours you can enjoy the rich cultural and entertainment events in the town center. Above Baška Voda you can find deserted settlements Topic and Bast. In recent years, people have restored many old houses. And there are some very attractive restaurants in a rural ambience of the old tavern in a vantage points. From which you can enjoy beautiful view of Baška Voda, sea and islands.


The last decades of the 20th century Brela became one of the most exclusive and most wanted tourist destinations in Dalmatia. Brela has attractive natural surroundings, clean gravel and sand, romantic beaches along the edge where a promenade swerves between pine trees and modern comfortable hotels, holiday homes, apartments, pensions, catering and other modern tourist facilities. High over Brela is the rural village Kričak with a wide range of local specialties.
The crystal-clear sea and care about the environment are best confirmed by numerous tourist awards. For 8 years the Punta rata beach gets Beach Blue Flag, the highest international recognition of clean sea and environment. Lifting the Blue Flag on the Planet Earth on June 5 is a festive occasion.

Hope you will, beside our beautiful Makarska, also visit other small places where you will feel like a real Dalmatians, hedonists in food, drink and life.