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Brela – Perl of the Makarska Riviera

Brela - Perl of the Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera consists of five municipalities. It stretches 53 kilometers from Brela in the north to Gradac in the south. The center of the coast is Makarska, and between the municipalities  Baska Voda, Tucepi and Podgora. One of the most beautiful settlements on the Makarska Riviera are Brela. They are only 45 km away from Split, 15 km from Makarska and 50 km away from the airport. They are special for their natural beauty and long-standing tourist tradition.

In 2004, Brela’s Punta Rata beach was ranked among the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is 400 m long. The beach is adorned with pine trees which, in addition to beauty, also provide natural shade and escape from the strong sun at noon. Punta Rata is suitable for all ages. On the west side of the beach, in a protected area covered with pine forest, there is a stone called Šakan. It has been in use since the 20th century and the stone is  6 meters high. Mostly Pines, but also other plants  grow on the stone that most likely broke off  the rocks many years ago. Neither of them are bothered by bora or other types of winds. One of the curiosities in Brela are organized open-air cinema evenings that take place on Punta Rata in summer evenings, and the films are broadcast in English. Another beautiful beach are definitely Podrace which are located near Punta Rata.

Podrace is located within a bay and extends over 150 m. This position makes a stay on the beach very pleasant due to the privacy which is provided by the rocks around the beach. When accessing Podrace, we do not encounter any obstacles and it is therefore accessible to everyone. Brela is equipped with diverse, rich and excellent accommodation such as villas, hotels, apartments, rooms and luxury camps.Brela are very quiet place and not popular and known  for nightclubs and going out, but they are famous because of the peace and relaxation, which are provided for guests.

If you are a fan of food and drink, in Brela you will find a wide and varied offer of both traditional and modern specialties that will pamper your palate. Sports fans will also find their pleasure in Brela, due to the multitude of water sports and outdoor equipment (outdoor gym). The municipality of Brela is divided into two settlements, namely Brela, which according to the last census has about 1,575.00 inhabitants, and Gornja Brela, which has only 128 inhabitants.The settlement of Gornja Brela is located on the road from the sea to Zadvarje and Šestanovac. The village is  20 km long.