Makarska Touristik


Makarska christmas town

Makarska is known as a destination visited by tourists in the summer. For the winter holidays most tourists choose continental destinations. Not knowing what kind of experience they can feel in the unusual locations for the winter. If you thought the Makarska only destination that is visited by tourists in the summer, you are wrong. Each season brings its own special features including winter. Winter in Makarska Christmas time is mostly accompanied by a comfortable temperature but without precipitation. Snow falls only on the mountain above the town, the mountain Biokovo. Picture a city above which is an endless mountain. Wrapped in white blanket and at the foot of the sea in which more courageous people still swim. It is an experience that can not be described and rarely destinations can boast with it.

After the big summer heat and tourist crowds, we are looking forward to the arrival of winter. And we are nostalgic while thinking about the last winter in our city. With the arrival of winter, we are all very excited and can’t wait the opening of the “Christmas town”. Makarska “Christmas town” is literally our fairy tale in which you walk in and want to stay there. In an unusual environment from year to year, during Advent hang out on the main square called Kacic square. Eventually, “Christmas town” became an authentic brand whose name we managed to protect.


Staying in the “Christmas town” will satisfy all your senses. The sound of Christmas bells, smells of gingerbread, mulled wine. And other delicacies is the first thing that will attract you. It is enough to let yourself enjoy. Makarska during Advent offers plenty of events that will satisfy the most demanding visitor. In “Christmas town” you will find many small Santa’s helpers houses. Santa’s helpers are preparing famous Dalmatian fritters, gingerbread, mulled finest wines and many other traditional delicacies.

With good food and drink you need good music. Every day enjoyable Christmas music gives you a feeling also like you’re in a fairy tale. Of course we have prepared something for children and they never forget our Christmas. During the day we have a rich and varied program of performances and creative workshops for children. Evening program is designed for adults. For the pleasant music in charge are many local bands. Famous singers, traditional Dalmatian groups called “klape” and DJ-s. The rich offer and various events offer something for everyone.

You can see that the city of Makarska is much more than a summer tourist destination. Every year more and more tourists visit our city during the autumn and winter. The unusual environment between sea and mountains. And a touch of fairy tale of the Christmas town. They are willing to each of you brighten the Makarska holidays of Advent. Welcome!