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Dalmatian Specialties

Many people have had various influences on Dalmatian cuisine in Makarska, from Croats, Turks, Venetians… The trade routes passing through the Dalmatian cities and along the coast also left their mark on the culinary arts in this area. Geographic location, climate and the Adriatic Sea give this area the opportunity to grow a variety of products and foods.

The characteristics of Dalmatian cuisine are: light and low calorie foods that are poorly seasoned. The standard plate contains many fresh vegetables that can be prepared in various ways. Various home-made cheeses and of course seafood, which are an indispensable part of this area.

Fish (toothpick, sea bass, leprechaun, kirna, mackerel, sardines), the main source of protein, are prepared in every conceivable way: they are cooked, they are made fantastic soups, brothels, risotto, baked on grills, baked in the oven, marinated. and salt.

Of the meat products, the most frequently mentioned is Dalmatian prosciutto. Which is one of the main specialties of this area and an indispensable part of the culinary arts.

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Simple, yet full of flavor, brudet is a dish you will never forget! Brudet is a traditional stew consisting of different types of fish such as eel, scallops and scorpions, with basic additives such as parsley, olive oil and tomato sauce. For a unique version, go to the Neretva region and enjoy a frog and eel brood.

Grilled fish

Try the grilled fish! Regardless of whether it is pomegranate, sardine or sea bass, grilling is a great way to keep the fish juicy as the fish is covered with rosemary branches dipped in olive oil all the time. With boiled potatoes and chard and a glass of wine, one of the most popular Dalmatian dishes.

Makarska Spezialitäten

There are different ways to prepare pâticade, a traditional Dalmatian dish. But everyone agrees that it takes a few hours to marinate the soft beef and then a few more to cook with dried figs and plums, spices and wine. The end result is the perfect combination of sweet, sour and bitter taste. Making pesticides one of the most famous dishes of Dalmatian cuisine.



Baking refers to a special method of cooking in an iron pot. That has a bell-shaped lid and is placed above the grill in the hearth. Whether you try octopus, lamb or veal with potatoes and veggies cooked under baking. You can look forward to a meal that is definitely worth the wait.