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The Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is a branch, ie part of the Mediterranean Sea. Which separates the Apennine Peninsula from the Balkan Peninsula and the Apenine from the Dinaric Highlands.

Location – Southern Europe

Border Sea – Ionian Sea

Area – 138,592 km square

Volume – 35,000 km

Maximum depth – 1233 m

Average depth – 173 m

Maximum width – 216.7 km

Maximum length 870 km

Adriatic sea

The Adriatic Sea is a mostly closed sea connected to the Josn Sea and via it to the Mediterranean Sea. The border of the Adriatic and Ionian seas is the 75-km-wide Otrant Gate between Italy and Albania. The Adriatic Sea is mostly shallow. The north of Pula also does not exceed 50 m, and the north of Zadar 100 m. This area was on land during the Ice Age.
In the southern part of the Adriatic Sea there is a depression. Where the depths drop sharply (maximum depth is 1233 m).

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Adriatic sea

The sea is relatively warm, its temperature does not drop below 11 degrees Fahrenheit. Its transparency is also great, and an important feature of seawater is its salinity or salinity. Which indicates the total amount of all dissolved salts in 1000g of seawater.

The Adriatic Sea in Croatia

The Adriatic Sea in Croatia has the greatest importance in the development of tourism and tourist offer. And less important in the economic sense of fish nutrition and fishing in general.

The indented coast, nautical ports and numerous islands create so ideal tourist offer. For the development of various types of tourism related to the sea and the Mediterranean climate.

The Adriatics

Family tourism is developing with hot water ideal for swimming and water sports. Nautical tourism is developing on the basis of 140 nautical ports with over 17 000 berths. So numerous charter agencies operating in different destinations and providing boat rental services and organizing various excursions.

We can conclude that at the moment the Adriatic Sea is also the driver of almost all types of tourism that bind to the Croatian coast and islands.

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