Makarska Touristik


Makarska Water Sports

Whether you are a fan of flying, the deep sea or looking for some other form of excitement, Croatia Makarska sports is a paradise for lovers of active tourism, nature and adrenaline.

Dive in and discover hidden wonders of the coast flooded unsurpassed beauty. Explore every corner of wild nature on foot, horseback or bicycle. Unleash the energy in river canyons and karst landscapes on rafting and kayaking, sailing air with the help of parachutes and paragliders, and also expand their horizons on Biokovo. Search apartments for rent in makarska croatia and have the experience, soak up every sense, come and explore Croatia!
Makarska offers many fields for different sports. On the sports complex Makarska Sports Center in the area Osejava, playgrounds for football, rugby, basketball, handball, tennis, athletics and playgrounds for small sports. Tennis center Makarska sports has 9 tennis courts open and two closed. The hotels on the Makarska Riviera has a total of seven indoor and eleven outdoor pools. Also including the Center for Medical Rehabilitation Biokovka with indoor swimming pool and modern fitness- center and full physical therapy.

Extreme sports

In recent years a growing interest in extreme sports. Paragliding (parachuting and gliding), climbing on rocks, mountain hiking, mountain biking, trekking (bicycle), speleologists (descending into the cave). Extreme water sports: windsurfing, diving and paragliding. At sea act: rowing, sailing and fishing clubs. Designed to build an attractive ski center on Biokovo.

From the macadam field trials ideal for mountain bikes to the asphalted roads for family sightseeing. in Makarska you will find a huge variety of ideal trails for everyone’s taste, amateur or professional. Even challenge your own limits and get excited reviving the five stages of the Tour of Croatia. Makarska-Split, Šibenik-Zadar, NP Plitvice-Učka, Pula-Umag and Saint Martin-Zagreb. of course, you can always take your bike with you on a catamaran for an unforgettable visit to the Islands and have a wonderfull Makarska holidays.

Immerse yourself in the amazing underwater world of the Croatian Adriatic. Discover the rich endemic flora and fauna, sunken Roman galleons, naval ships. And so much more thanks to the extraordinary clarity of its waters, with visibility up to 50 metres. Explore the deep going on organized tours for experienced divers or enjoy your first time in the numerous diving schools for beginners.


Natural as well as artificial reefs such as sunken ships are now the home and habitat for many species of flora and fauna like the hermit crab, starfish, the posidonia grasses (seagrass species, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea whose presence is a marker of the lack of pollution), seahorses… some of them protected species. Cave diving is also becoming more popular especially in the karst regions of Dalmatia. Whatever you do, you will fall deeply in love.

Cross the paths that take you from the Adriatic Sea to the very top of the mountains. Over 400 different and varied routes that will delight both beginners and passionate climber.

The best five hiking spots in Croatia are Učka Mountain, Risnjak National Park, Northern Velebit, Plaklenica and Biokovo Mountain -above Makarska. Come and feel the spirit of the Makarska Croatia holidays in the mountain.

Chase the hidden underwater treasures. If you love fishing than you are in the right place. Since marine species such as sea bass, dentex, gilt-poll and tuna to fresh water species. Such as trout or even enormous catfish, fishing enthusiasts from around the world come to the Croatian waters. Not only to compete, but to watch, admire and enjoy Croatian fishing in Makarska.