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Fishing is an old and widespread activity with various techniques and traditions, but also with the use of modern technology aids. Makarska fishing

Croatia is divided into five fishing zones: Istria, the Croatian coast, central Dalmatia, southern Dalmatia and the open waters of the Adriatic Sea.

We distinguish between sport and commercial fishing. Makarska holidays

The techniques of fishing at sea are: panula, hatchback, hatchback, longline, spinning and trolling, and are most commonly hunted: watermelon, fennel, barnacle, sheepdog, asparagus, ears, toothpick, tuna, squid, cuttlefish and octopus.

Makarska Fishing

We also have 2 special categories of fishing, which are:

– underwater fishing
– Big game Fishing

Underwater fishing in Croatia connects us to the island of Susac, 4 km square. Its submarine is a fortune for underwater fishing. This activity requires a permit, peace of mind and state of the art. Only in this way can a fisherman, a toothpick, a spinach or a scorpion be caught. Makarska fishing, Makarska apartment

Due to the many sunny days, Croatia is ideal for Big game fishing. Bluefin tuna is fascinating to many, especially in Japan for its sushi quality.


The prevailing climate in Croatia is favorable for fishing throughout the year.

The Croatian coast not only attracts tourists but also attracts fishing enthusiasts. Fishing is one of the additional attractions and activities. In which our tourists and professionals can try during their stay in Croatia. Here, too, the rule is when you come to a fishing area to inquire about your local fishing association. And obtain the necessary permits. And inquire about where to fish. What fish, and whether and how much fish you can catch. Usually at sea all the fish you catch with a stick can pass, but still check it.

Makarska Fishing

For the coast, it is symbolic to see older men fishing on the wharf or off the boat.

Zaton Cove is a great place for fishing. As are the islands of Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan, which there is no fishing in these areas.

In Dalmatia, the most famous is the hunt for squid and octopus, as well as fishing for the so-called huts. Makarska fishing, Villa Makarska

Numerous tourist boats, which organize trips to the nearby islands during the season, are fishing during the winter and supply fresh fish to the locals.