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Makarska Private Accommodation

Private Makarska accommodation is a term that refers to accommodation owned by a natural person. In order for a natural person to legally rent to tourists their capacities, they must obtain a permit from the competent Ministry, while at the same time satisfying the minimum technical requirements, the landlord receives a category of accommodation under which he may operate, and these are expressed in asterisks. Makarska Villa


  • room in the household
  • an apartment
  • studio apartment
  • Villa
  • camp in the household

Makarska accommodation

A tourist apartment is a facility where guests have accommodation services in accommodation units. Arranged and equipped so that the guest can prepare meals on his own. It is a functional unit made up of several accommodation units in one or more independent buildings, also which are entirely intended for catering and tourist activities. Makarska apartment

Villa :

Detached building with its own garden, which consists of several rooms (entrance hall, bathroom, sleeping room and so…) and provides guests with accommodation services in the units made for them and equipped room for cooking. Makarska accommodation

Makarska accommodation

Makarska Riviera and Croatia generally have a large number of private accommodation units, recently vacation homes and luxury apartments are in so high demand, so the construction of them is on the rise.

The Riviera has a large number of luxury villas with swimming pool. Which have proven to be an ideal accommodation unit for all tourists. Regardless of the reason why you are coming. They are located in Podbiokovo area and thus provide the necessary peace. And intimacy that guests who book this type of accommodation and want so.