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Yachting in Croatia – Makarska Yachting

The main driver and precondition for all other attractions of Croatian tourism are the indented coast, Mediterranean climate and the Adriatic Sea. Yachting in Croatia – Makarska holidays.

The coastline without islands is 1,777 kilometers long and also including the islands it is over 6,000 kilometers long. Therefore are 1246 islands on the Croatian Adriatic coast, of which 67 are with inhabitants.

Croatia has all the important prerequisites for even better development of nautical tourism. And attracting more guests, not only during the main summer season, but also during spring and autumn.

At present, Croatia has a fleet of 4,300 vessels for nautical and yachting development. So with the addition of 140 nautical ports spread across the coast of the Republic of Croatia totaling over 17,000 berths.

Yachting in Croatia

Yachting in Croatia is on the principle of charter boat charter.

Boats can be chartered with a skipper. Or if you have a valid license to operate the required category of boat and without a skipper.

Yachting is a form of tourism that will best show you the beauty of the indented coast and islands. As well as all the beauties that the Adriatic Sea carries. In addition to the numerous nautical ports and berths mentioned above. So yachting offers you the possibility of mooring to uninhabited islands and beaches, where you can experience the true peace and beauty of life in the Mediterranean.

Apart from Yachting tourism, Croatia is a very popular form of tourism. And tourists who come to cruise ships. Many world-class tourist destinations located on the seashore are developing this type of tourism (among others). Also Yachting in Croatia.

Yachting in Croatia
In Croatia, this type of tourism is currently in Dubrovnik and Split.
A large number of destinations on the Croatian coast have their own agencies for renting different types of boats. And organizing various excursions.

Makarska Yachting is an agency operating in the area of Makarska and Makarska Riviera, and with geographic conveniences provides ideal access to the islands of Hvar and Brac.

Makarska Yachting Agency’s fleet consists of 7 vessels of open and closed type, each of which is of exceptional safety and comfort.